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Nohemy is very professional and has a great personality. 
She is also honest, educated and well-trained. Always making sure to correct my form, and has a great communication skills making easier to understand the technical part of working out. I had a few personal trainers before, but I felt that they did not really listen to me or my body, therefore I dislike the gym. My perception of working out changed, thanks to Nohemy and her skills. If you are looking for a great personal trainer, I highly recommend Nohemy Adorno.

— Christine H.  



Nohemy is an amazing Personal trainer and nutritionist. She has taught me how to make working out and eating right into a lifestyle not a temporary change. She motivates and pushes me to achieve my goal by monitoring my eating habits and my daily workouts. Providing me with personal workouts that she plans out for me and my goals. Also helped me master new workouts that I never knew I could ever do. I highly recommend her to anyone that is interested in working out and needs to get in shape or even better to learn how to make physical lifestyle changes and creating really good physical habits that can change your life for the better. I didn’t know what to do at the gym when I went. All I would do was go to a cardio machine like the elliptical or treadmill and than my workout would be done. Now when I walk in the gym I have a plan that Nohemy created for me to stick to each week. I feel more comfortable going to the gym now because before I didn’t know what I was doing and now I feel like I know more because I have someone to guide me and help me along the way. When you feel like quitting she motivates you to keep going.

— Kelly M.  


Nohemy worked out a fitness plan to meet my physical needs. She communicated often and encouraged me to stay on target with my goals. I definitely recommend her!

— Diana N.  


Awesome trainer. She knows her material and workouts. She’s awesome, kind, knowledgeable, and will fit to you’re needs. She does not rush into the workouts and take her time teaching you each workout.

— Victoria T.  


Fun trainer to work out with, fully recommend. One thing that I always like about her is that we supposed to work out for like and hour and we ending up working out for more than that as we are talking and having a fun time while working out.

— Sergio R.


I am inspired by Nohemys work ethic and regiment. Always positive, always disciplined and is an encouragement to everyone around her.

— Matthew M.   



Nohemy's style is wam and personable. She challenges you to achieve your fitness goals with a balanced approach, both pushing you to succeed, yet patient with the process. She listens well to your needs and is both educational and supportive. I would highly recommend Nohemy as a personal trainer to anyone.

— Cathy G.